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Here are some links to pictures.  Some collections are more organized than others. One day, I'll be better at this.

Vacation in Sydney
Velia's Birthday
Friends in the Castro
Domestic with Dax
At my office
SF Pride 2002
Views of my life
Baby kitties - Spike and Elsa
Vacation in Europe
Santa Cruz
Home Improvement
Carmel Trip
The New Couch
The New Dining Table
Cats And Decor
Vacation in Australia 2003
Marin Headlands
New York Vacation
Monterey Aquarium
Dax and Buddha
Portents! (of what?)
Nick and Yuri in Australia, 2005
Yuri's Australia Pics 2005
Nick and Yuri in Australia, Christmas 2005
At Wes and Marg's In LA
Napa and Calistoga
Cambria et al
Cambria Again
New Camera
Doin' Stuff
Friends in Marin
Heat Whore
Yuri's Plam Springs Pics 2007
Nick's Plam Springs Pics 2007
Sydney March 2007
Hot Tub Demolition!
Empty SF House
Back to Sydney
Wildlife World
Elizabeth Bay
Turtle Cove 2007
Balmain Dacha
Kitties And Nieces